Nasreddin Restaurant offers turn-key investment opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs who want to make a logical and efficient investment elsewhere in Antalya or its regions and want to start a business. The most important risk of investing in any sector is not having technical knowledge and experience specific to that sector. You will never have such a concern in Nasreddin Restaurant Franchising system. It is enough for you to show your commercial courage and dexterity with sufficient budget for investment and to activate your experience in human relations. Nasreddin Restaurant’s franchising system is an integral part of the investment idea. You don’t need to know any technical issues such as which meat is better, how meat products should be served or even how to advertise your products, and all these processes are resolved in the franchising system of Nasreddin Restaurant, which has years of experience. You can make a safe and profitable investment with our franchising system that we offer on turn-key basis in Antalya, your own city or your country. When you examine our restaurant and our flavors, you will see that we differ from others in this sector greatly. Our biggest difference is that we use food additives in none of our products. Our concept menu is made entirely of natural and organic products. We have essential conditions in our Franchising projects in order to protect customer and the product quality that we offer in our center and raise the bar to higher levels as well. Each branch should have a minimum area of 300 m2. The design of the restaurants, the structure, consumables that are used and the product prices must be of high standards. We work with turnkey projects to meet these standards. The delivery fee determined for the franchising businesses of Nasreddin Restaurant is calculated per m2. The preparation phase of the enterprise, which has equivalent standards with our center, takes 60 days. At the end of the 60th day following the agreement and payment, our branch is delivered to you with every stage planned and prepared, including advertising and promotion activities required for the opening. Please contact us to get detailed information about the details of the process before and after the opening.