“Nasreddin Restaurant” is a collection of the best ideas, dishes and technologies for 53 years of work.
The Nasreddin Restaurant brand was formed in the course of searching for an interesting, practical and popular concept in the public catering market.
The cost of the investment package includes the following services:
1. The right to use the Nasreddin restaurant brand.
2. Site selection, layout and design.
3. Drawing up an architectural project.
4. Assistance in the supply of household and kitchen appliances (on request).
5. Selection and recipes of products for placement in the menu.
6. Compilation of the menu.
7. Personal support when opening a restaurant.
8. Methods of cooking meat and training of personnel 30 days.
9. Marketing tools are the opening of channels in social networks and advertising support for 3 months (Facebook) (Instagram) (You Tube) (Tripadvisor) (Map) (Twiter).
10. Expert and personnel support upon request.